Why invest in Croatia?

The Croatian residential real estate investment market is still thriving. The purchase of real estate is mainly supported by foreign buyers. Areas on the Adriatic coast with well-established infrastructure and proximity to the airport are the strongest. The most popular locations for buying real estate are Dubrovnik, Split, Opatija, Istria, the island of Hvar, and the island of Brac.

The growth of real estate prices depends on the location, real estate prices in 2021 increased year-on-year on average in cities: Zagreb + 8.0%, Split + 6.9%, Rijeka + 6.4%

The main reason for the resilience of the real estate market in Croatia is the limited real estate supply, also the adoption of the Euro as the currency in 01/2024.

Rental income ranges from 5 to 6% based on location, with smaller properties having greater profitability.

The largest share of foreign buyers of seaside residential real estate is by origin: 1. Austrians, 2. Slovenes, 3. Slovaks, 3. Czechs, 4. Russians, 5. Germans and 6. Poles.




The Croatian property buying process

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