10 reasons why invest in Bulgaria

Is it worthy to Invest in Bulgaria?


To answer this question, there are 10 reasons that illustrate why investing in Bulgaria may be the best investment decision you have ever made:


  1. 1. Membership of the European Union

Bulgaria is part of EU from 1. 1. 2007.


  1. Currently a stable LEV, in two years now there are plans for the new Euro currency implementation

Together with Croatia, Bulgaria is in the so-called “waiting room for the Euro”, where the outlook for the adoption of the European currency is set for 1 January 2024.


  1. Membership in key organizations (NATO and EU)

Bulgaria is considered a politically and economically stable country. It is part of the key organizations of the EU, NATO, and the WTO (World Trade Organization)


  1. Affordable real estate prices

Bulgaria offers high quality real estate at some of the lowest prices in Europe; for example, Sofia, the country’s capital, offers less comparable commercial rents than similar European cities such as Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, and Athens. Interesting are investments in real estate on the Black Sea coast, where you can really buy attractive apartments in great hotel complexes from 20,000 €. Since the introduction of the European currency, real estate prices in attractive locations are expected to rise faster in a few years’ time.

  1. Lower energy costs

If you decide to move for a retirement or work from Bulgaria, you will have significant savings on energy bills, as electricity costs are about two thirds cheaper than the European average.

  1. Strategic geographical location

Bulgaria has a strategic position in the east and connection to other countries that are part of the EU. The growing real estate markets in neighboring Turkey and Greece, the proximity of Russia and the Middle East are also good signals and benefits for this developing country. In terms of geography, Bulgaria has a huge natural advantage, both economically and geopolitically. It maintains direct access to some of the fastest and largest markets in Europe (including the unified market), its geographical location allows it to trade with Europe, Russia, North Africa, and the Middle East.


  1. Advanced a developed transport infrastructure

Bulgaria has 4 main airports that are connected it with many destinations around the world. They are located in large cities – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, as well as two main ports – in Varna and Burgas. Bulgaria is constantly progressing thanks to its extensive and modern transport infrastructure.


  1. Climate and natural beauty

Due to the high interest of tourists, Bulgaria is the preferred destination, because many people not only from Europe and Russia invest in holiday homes and apartments. Recently, more and more Europeans are choosing this country as a great choice for low-cost retirement.

All the places and seasons are great because the country has beautiful mountains where people can ski in the winter or relax during summer vacation as there are many seaside villages that are perfect for spending a summer day at the beach. Winter by the sea is much milder.


  1. Bulgaria has recently attracted a lot of foreign investment

After reading this, you may not be surprised to find that Bulgaria has been attracted a lot of foreign investment in recent years. This is a big reason, as it provides the certainty that many other investors in Bulgaria see high potential. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Bulgaria has remained at a consistent level of more than 1 billion. USD per year, which is not a small performance given the size of the economy.


  1. Quick and easy involvement in the local community

People in Bulgaria are some of the most hospitable people, so your integration into the local community is extremely easy. We must not miss the food either, Bulgaria has a large range of great local dishes, which have not changed so much over the years and are an inherent part of Bulgarian cuisine. In addition to local cuisine, you will find various dining options from rest of the world.

It is not difficult to communicate here, because the young generation speaks good English as well as other languages ​​such as German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian. These languages ​​are often taught in schools where young people are very interested in them and are constantly improving their language skills.


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