The Hygge lifestyle is mainly associated with the Danes, who according to surveys are among the happiest people in Europe. However, the concept is also well known in neighbouring Scandinavian countries. For Scandinavians it is natural, they just live like this and enjoy pleasant moments. The Danish word Hygge (pronounced “hue-gah”) is used to describe a concept and lifestyle that emphasises comfort, cosiness and contentment.

Hygge is based on a feeling of pleasantness and comfort in all aspects of life. It is about creating an intimate and cosy indoor environment in which people feel comfortable and content. Hygge can be achieved through a variety of elements such as soft lighting, natural materials, warm blankets, candles, and a focus on simple and pleasurable experiences. Hygge also focuses on time spent together with family and friends. It is about sharing pleasant moments and creating deep relationships. This can include dinners together, games, conversations over tea, or simply relaxing and unwinding with loved ones. Hygge is also about self-reflection and enjoying the present moment. It is also about reducing stress and making time for yourself and for rest and relaxation. You can simply put your feet up and read a book, enjoy a warm cup of tea, or simply focus on the things that bring you joy and well-being. These things can be practiced indoors very naturally and easily. For example, light some candles, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and put on your favourite movie. You don’t just have to eat healthy, enjoying the coziness with a great treat is also Hygge style.

To make your personal hygge space in your property as successful as possible, we recommend you stick to a few basic ideas:

1. Lighting1.

Create soft lighting indoors that feels as natural as possible and is pleasing to the eye. For this purpose, it is recommended to avoid traditional overhead strong lighting and instead use as many smaller secondary lights as possible, such as floor and bedside lamps or decorative lamps. Candles are also indispensable, as they are the main factor with which you create and enhance the atmosphere of flickering soft candles in your home.

2. Colours

The combination of colours that will dominate the space has a significant impact in creating a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere. For the walls, choose a neutral and relaxing colour palette that includes pastel natural shades such as grey, pink, beige in combination with wood, in addition to the standard white. A combination of colours and materials that will have a calming effect on you and create the impression of an open space. Depending on the style, you can also add details in darker shades, but it is advisable not to overdo it and their role is mainly in the function of additional highlighting light.

3. Materials and Textures

Choosing the right materials is also extremely important, sometimes even more important than the colours or design of the furniture itself. It’s hard to imagine a cosy and warm interior without the subtle textures that dominate it, whether it’s knitted cushions, faux fur accessories or rugs. Such textures are often combined with wood, which is one of the key elements of this style. However, these are natural soft natural textures that have not been heavily post-processed.

4. Trifles and Accessories

To really give your interior a touch of hygge, the choice of details is key. Bring your personality and soul into your interior. However, accessories should be simple, natural and, above all, functional, adding to the cosiness. Objects should either have aesthetic or emotional value. Details should reflect your personality, reflect the feeling of being together as a family, so that the overall space remains cosy and airy and retains the simplicity of living. So don’t go overboard with accessories.

Overall, the Hygge lifestyle emphasises simplicity, contentment and inner peace. There is a nice cosy atmosphere in such a space. Don’t forget about taking care of yourself and appreciating the small joys in life, where you’ll be happy to relax and enjoy!

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