When you go on holiday to Sunny Beach or Sveti Vlas, don’t forget to visit the green mountains that rise above the sea. Some people like to relax on the beach, but others just need to experience more active relaxation in nature.

The Stara Planina Mountains offer nature lovers a lot, and it’s not just about the magical views of the historic town of Nessebar or the entire bay of Sunny Beach and Sveti Vlas.

The Old Plain is rich in biodiversity and the natural occurrence of beech forests along with ancient pine and spruce forests, for example, is subject to protection. In addition to songbirds, you can often see, for example, land tortoises, hornbills, various snakes and beautiful Mediterranean plants.

You can choose from different trail lengths. The entrance to the mountain eco-path is from the resort of Sveti Vlas but also from Elenite. There are more entrances to the hiking trail, follow the signs carefully or you can help yourself for example with the wikiloc.com app

The first trail is 8 km long, the second is 4,7 km long, the third is 6 km long. The end points of the eco-paths are the peaks, from which you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view. Along the way, hikers have the opportunity to see rare and protected species of plants and animals. Some of them are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

In total, there is an eco-network of hiking and nature trails covering almost nineteen kilometres, covering the entire foothills of the Stara Planina and including views of the three sea bays.

Along the entire eco-trail you will find approximately ten directional and guidance signs and several information boards with maps and much more information about the mountain range, the mountain trails and the biodiversity that can be observed in the area. There are wells with spring water, several gazebos and shelters for resting, benches and swings.

Even though fire-making is forbidden in this area, you may meet a few visitors who have just come here to have a picnic and relax with the magnificent view. You can barbecue in the covered areas where you can find benches with barbecue grills.

Another interesting feature of Stara Planina are the stone chapels you will find along the paths, which are dedicated to saints. They were founded by Father Peter, who serves here in the Orthodox Church “St. Vlasius”, it was he who started the initiative to lay stone chapels with icons of Orthodox saints.

Walking the hiking trail here is therefore extremely interesting for many reasons, full of educational new things that you can not only see but learn more about.

We definitely recommend this place!


Text prepared by Relax Properties team

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