Before buying a property in Bulgaria you should know the following information to make buying a property by the sea a really good investment. We also stick to the motto that the property should meet your expectations, be a joy for you and your family and bring a higher standard to your life in a healthy environment by the sea. As a property owner, you will enjoy this pleasure many times throughout the year, not just for a few days when you are on holiday.

  1. Who will use the property?

The first thing to consider is whether you are buying the property for yourself or for your family.

According to this you can judge how big a property you need. It is also important to know whether you are buying the property as an investment or for your own use, or whether you want to combine the two. If you are looking for investment properties strictly for rent, it is a good idea to look at complexes that specialise in this. This is because many complexes have contracts with operators and tour operators, have a strong sales department and good marketing, and focus on summer tourism income. It is therefore advisable to choose such a complex.

  1. Will you only go to your apartment during the seasonal season or throughout the year?

Some people choose to go to their apartment only during the seasonal because they say what would we do there during the winter. The season in Bulgaria lasts from May to October. However, it depends on the weather. These kinds of complexes that are only open seasonally are referred to in Bulgaria as seasonal complexes.

Someone chooses to go to their apartment, for example, on New Year’s Eve, or even on Easter, then it is advisable to choose a year-round complex.

  1. What are the apartment complexes in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has been focused on service tourism for years and they are gradually improving it. The complexes here are really well equipped with excellent facilities. Almost every complex has a swimming pool, some complexes are focused on luxury and relaxation and provide wellness, SPA, indoor heated pool, treatments and complete rest and relaxation. Many of the complexes are family-oriented, so that children have their paradise here, including an animation programme, while parents, in turn, will find various exercise classes, gyms and the like. Some of the complexes are smaller again, aimed at relaxation and tranquillity. Choosing the right complex is very important so that you are satisfied and happy to come back.

  1. Where is a good location for me when I don’t know Bulgaria?

It is definitely a good idea to get advice from a real estate agent who will listen to you and advise you on both the location and the complex. We all have different requirements for buying our property by the sea and we are looking for the right one for us.

Bulgaria offers many beautiful places, everyone can choose the right area. The resort of Sunny Beach is one of the most sought-after holiday spots as it offers everything from wide beaches to proximity to the historic town of Nessebar, water parks, bars, restaurants, discos and lots of entertainment. The villages of Sveti Vlas and Elenite, in turn, offer the surrounding nature and greenery that can be found in the Stara Planina Mountains. The local eco-paths are suitable for hiking and nature enthusiasts. Ravda is a small town that has cosy smaller beaches, locals live here all year round, so the amenities work all year round. Pomorie is famous for its healing mud for various skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. There is also a very nice beach with many hotels and abundant amenities. Wine lovers will appreciate the locally renowned wineries. For example, you will also find a salt museum. The village of Aheloy is the least developed tourist area. Here you will find very reasonably priced complexes located right on the first sea line. Obzor is also popular for its beautiful uncrowded beaches. There are many locations and you will surely find the right one for you.

  1. What should I budget for a property?

The budget depends on the level of the complex and the location, also on the m2 and the size of the apartment. Sea and pool views also increase the price of the property. We recommend that you do your research before setting a budget and check our website where you can find current prices for properties.

We also recommend that you better put a little more money down and buy a quality complex that the management takes care of and maintains on a regular basis. We can also advise you on a good complex, or you can read reviews on Booking, Tripadvisor, or Google.

We don’t recommend buying complexes with a low price. There is a simple reason for this, these complexes are most likely un-conditioned. Co-occupancy is referred to as Act 16 and without a co-occupancy decision you would find it difficult to sell your property in the future, also the price for such a property is rising very slowly and that is why even now these complexes are on offer with a low price. For this reason we do not have them in our offer. Our goal is to make the property an investment as well. That is why on our website you will only find complexes that are approved.

  1. Is the listed price of the property on the portals final?

The price of the property you find on the various portals will probably only include the real estate agent’s commission. In Bulgaria there are other fees associated with the purchase of a property such as Property Transfer Tax, notary and notary fees. These fees are based on approximately 6-7% and the complete price of the fees is determined only by the notary. The one-time fee for a lawyer is 500 EUR. You can read about the complete fees and the whole buying process on our website in the section Buying process/Bulgaria.

  1. Do I need a Bulgarian lawyer?

We have been working for a long time in Bulgaria with only one and the same certified attorney for all property purchases made. For more certainty and trust we present each of our clients with a lawyer’s card and a link where you can check that the lawyer is currently registered with the Bar Association.

What is also important to note is that the finances for the property are held in the solicitor’s safe custody until the property is transferred into your name. Everything is dealt with by bank transfers, we do not deal with the purchase of property finance in cash this is a priority to protect your money and also to protect the name of our company.

The solicitor prepares contracts, verifies the lengthlessness and legal validity of the title documents, represents you at all offices, signs a Maintenance Contract with the complex. Together with the attorney we also handle water and electricity transfers in your name, we handle the bulstat number (tax number in Bulgaria) and others. There are really a lot of tasks, but it is definitely better to have all these things prepared professionally by a person from the local environment. Another advantage of having a lawyer is that you do not need to travel to Bulgaria again for the transcriptions. We handle everything together with you from the comfort of your home and always inform you about every step in advance.

  1. What to do if I don’t have enough money for the property?

Very often we are faced with this question, especially now in this period when it is not so easy to get a mortgage.

We recommend that before buying a property you go to your bank, where you have an account and where your funds are coming in on a regular basis. The bank will be able to advise you best on the possibility of a loan or a quick loan and you will have everything contractually agreed. The bank knows you best as a client and you can ask for a deferment if there are any problems. It is definitely the best option for your protection.

This is because not just anyone can lend you money to buy a property. Since 2010, all loan companies must be registered with the National Bank of Slovakia. New companies have to be registered there from time to time before they will ever grant you a loan. They are required to do so by the new Consumer Credit Act. Any contract with a company that is not registered is therefore invalid. Check that the firm is registered on the Register of Creditors, which can be found at

  1. What fees should I expect to pay when I own an apartment

Charges for water and electricity consumption. Each apartment has its own water and electricity meters. The water and electricity charges are lower than ours. Bulgaria has some of the lowest energy prices.

We can estimate utility prices for your specific property.

Furthermore, you need to take into account the cost of the internet connection. This you can pay for a certain period, different discounted packages.

Also, each complex has a set maintenance fee (like our repair fund), which is based on square meters. The maintenance fee includes the management and upkeep of the complex, its common community areas which you also use as an owner. This includes, for example, security service, reception, pool maintenance, maintenance of outdoor greenery, cleaning of common areas.

Property tax is also paid once a year. We will be happy to provide you with more information in person.

  1. How do I choose the right complex in the right location?

Also in Bulgaria: location, location, location. Contact us, we will be happy to make you a personal offer tailored just for you. We personally visit the complexes and make inspections, we also keep in touch with our clients and regularly update how the complex is performing. We will therefore be happy to advise you which complex will be the right choice for you. We have several apartments ourselves, so we always tell things as they are so that you get relevant and truthful information.

  1. Is it worth owning a property in Bulgaria?

Property in Bulgaria offers a great way to protect your finances from inflation. Residential property prices along the Black Sea coast are rising year on year, there is also the prospect of further growth due to the adoption of the Euro as the currency in 01/2025. At the same time you are investing and using the property for your own purposes. Surely our clients, who are increasing every year and have already had positive experiences with ownership, would agree with you.

  1. Choosing the right partner for buying property in Bulgaria

We recommend to choose a verified real estate agency for buying a property in Bulgaria. It is very advisable to read recommendations and references about the given real estate agency.

Satisfaction of our clients is the most important for us. There is nothing nicer for us than when a client calls you and is happy and satisfied. The icing on the cake for us are the references of our clients, which you can check on Google:

We believe that you will also be satisfied with our work. We promise to do our best!

Interested in other questions, please feel free to contact us

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