Whether you are travelling for holidays or summer vacation, or to your property in Croatia, we have prepared for you more information that will help you and save you some Euro when travelling to Croatia.

This article is primarily dedicated to our clients who are visiting Croatia or already own their desired property by the Adriatic Sea. Our real estate agency does not sell or rent the ENC device. The device can only be purchased in person. It is not mailed by the Croatian side, nor can it be purchased except in person and at designated locations during certain business hours. For more information, see the article below.

We would like to start by reminding you that Croatia has joined the Schengen area as of 1 January 2023. As a result, it is expected that border checks for the presentation of documents and the associated queues should be a thing of the past. This applies to border crossings with Hungary and Slovenia. Croatia has also joined the Eurozone in 2023, so it is possible to pay only with the Euro currency.

Croatia uses a toll gate system, so you can choose from three ways to pay at the toll gate:

  1. Contactless payment card
  2. Cash payment in Euro currency
  3. Contactless electronic ENC system

The average toll price in 2023 was 6€/100km. In the peak summer season, when cars are at their peak, the toll increases by +10%. This applies to category I and II vehicles.


What is the ENC system

ENC (Elektronička naplata cestarine) is a box for contactless toll payment in Croatia. Electronic payment is easy, convenient and it saves you time and money by 21.74%! Unlike other payment methods, you use lanes reserved for ENC payment and these lanes are always the fastest and have the least number of cars!


Where to buy ENC in Croatia

Ideally you should plan your trip to Croatia so that you can buy it directly at a tollgate, such as Zagreb Lučko. You can easily top up the credit using the website, newly also using the mobile app. But also with SMS coupons at HAC sales points, toll booths and newsagents.

The opening hours of the toll gate offices for the purchase of the ENC device are usually:

Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 8:00 pm,

Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/QDcbrxFTAV5MobqX6

Other locations where you can purchase an ENC unit are: Sales office LUČKO, ground floor – room 1; ZÁHREB, Širolina 4, ground floor; A3 NP BREGANA; A3 NP ZÁHREB – EAST; A3 NP SLAVONSKÝ BROD – WEST; A3 NP LIPOVAC; A5 NP OSIJEK; A4 NP VARAŽDIN; A1 NP OGULIN; A1 NP ZADAR – EAST; A1 NP DUGOPOLJE; A6 NP RIJEKA.

The price per ENC toll unit is 15 €.

Another and the most advantageous option is to purchase a advantageous package for each car category, in which you will receive a device with a charged credit:


  • Package S priced at €60 includes an ENC device for €15 and a credit of €57.50, with a discount of 21.74%
  • Package M price 90 € includes an ENC device for 15 € and a credit of 95,84 €, with a discount of 21,74 %
  • Package L price 120 €includes ENC device for 15 € and credit 134,17 €, with a discount of 21,74 %


  • L2 Package– price 120 €

How to recharge the ENC?

There are several ways to top up your credit. Some of the more inconvenient ones include:

  1. Use the website to recharge https://prodaja.hac.hr/ – your login details will be on the contract you receive when you buy the ENC device. We can log into the portal, easily top up the credit here using a credit card and also check our spending.
  2. Mobile app recharge (HAC ENC) is similar to the website, only an iOS and Adroid app is available for instant recharge.


Here’s where you can find all the other information regarding ENC: https://www.hac.hr/hr/cestarina/enc?etc=1

At the toll gate, stick to the lane marked ENC and shHappy travels Relax Properties wishes you!!!





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