Are you thinking of buying a property by the sea in popular Croatia?

Whether you are looking for something bigger or smaller, a property by the sea will benefit not only you but also your loved ones for years to come. In fact, Croatia is one of the most popular countries for people who can easily imagine a long-term stay here, and not only for the retirement period. The mentality of Croatians and their language is really close to our hearts. Today it is quite common to meet a Croatian who has a property in Croatia and who enjoys the long-lasting warm sunny days all year round, and not only during the holidays in the hot summer.

In order to make buying a property by the sea a pleasure and not a worry, here are the basic procedures to give you an idea of how the whole process works if you are interested in buying a property in this beautiful country.
  1. Site Selection

First of all, it is important to know where you like it in Croatia and where you can imagine a long-term stay. We have a wide selection of properties on offer from Istria – the island of Krk, where a free bridge leads from the mainland. The entire coastline from Zadar to Dubrovnik. Krk, Brac, Hvar, Solta, Ciovo, Murter, Pag and others. According to your preferences we will find you a customized property and in case you do not have a reserved location, we will be happy to advise you which location by the sea will be the most suitable for you.

  1. Property offer

We don’t just offer the properties you see on our website. We cooperate with the biggest Croatian real estate agencies and it is not in our power to have all their offer on our site. However, our property prices are the same as the Croatian real estate agencies and are therefore without any increase in our additional fees. Simply put – you are buying them at the same price as directly from Croatian real estate agents.

On viewings we show as many properties as possible that are available and sometimes these are also “secret offers” directly from owners who do not wish to be published on real estate portals.


  1. Personal property viewings

The best time of year for personal property viewings are October to April. The tourist season starts as early as May and ends in September, and it is very difficult to schedule viewings during the rental season when vacationers are in the properties. Also, property owners may not always be Croatian and keys and entrances to the property must be planned in advance so that the owner knows about them. Therefore, viewings are good to plan ahead of time. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to develop a personal offer for you, whether you are interested in investment apartments suitable for rent, cheap houses for renovation, building plots by the sea, new buildings, luxury houses, hotels or commercial premises.

  1. Property selection process

Once you have decided on a particular property purchase, the first step is to review all the documents for that property, then prepare the Future Contract Agreement – Croatian Preliminary Agreement. The contract sets out all the important things so that the final Purchase Contract – the Preliminary Agreement – can follow. In both contracts your OIB (personal identification number) must already be mentioned. With the Contract of Future Contract you are already paying the reservation fee and this is 10% of the price of the property. The contracts and the whole process is handled through the Notary and the Solicitor.

After signing the final Contract of Purchase (Agreement), we submit the Application for registration of the new owner in the Land Registry.

Finally – a small warning

We do not recommend buying property in Croatia on your own at all. Property owners will often tell you information that is not entirely true. The fragmentation of land is very high, the buildings are often not approved, settled or built by several families. From our own experience, not a single deal we have concluded in Croatia so far has been completely easy. We communicate with lawyers on a daily basis on how to modify the contracts so that they are in your favour. Besides, the Croatian language may be easy for the normal ordinary things on holiday, but the legal language is completely different. Everything needs to be arranged so that you don’t lose your savings and the whole process goes well.


Are you interested in all the fees that come with buying a property in Croatia?

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