Are you looking for an apartment or house by the sea that will meet all your criteria?

Close proximity to the beach, spectacular views and plenty of amenities in the immediate vicinity.. and these are just a few of the wishes on your list? Beautiful Croatia offers so much more. Wandering the stone streets in historic towns, enjoying the local cuisine with a sea view, unparalleled crystal clear sea and friendly people you can talk to with a smile.

In our property offer you will find houses by the sea, apartments by the sea, traditional stone houses and luxury new builds on the first sea line. We concentrate on Istria – island Krk, where a free bridge leads from the mainland. The entire coastline from Zadar to Dubrovnik. Brac, Hvar, Solta, Ciovo, Murter, Pag and other islands. According to your preferences, we will be happy to find you a customized property and advise you which location by the sea will be the most suitable for you.

Here is the basic information you should know before buying a property in Croatia.

1. Property price

The price of the property you see on our site is already including the real estate commission, furthermore the registration with the Tax Office, the price also includes legal services including the preparation of Contracts and official translations into the local language. In the whole process we complete everything “turnkey”, including transcriptions of energy, waste, water and so on. We also help to arrange specific client requirements such as boat moorings, parking, etc. We can help with setting up electronic payments.
Important note: We only work with verified real estate agencies in Croatia and we do not charge our commission. The price for the property is the same as if you were buying it from a Croatian real estate agent. We believe that it is easier for our clients when they communicate on such an important matter as buying a property abroad in the local language, where we explain everything in detail and incorporate your requirements into the contract and it costs you practically nothing extra. We will check the condition, documents and point out any risks. It is also important to point out that our client is the buyer and therefore we try to negotiate the best possible terms for him.

2. Fees when buying a property

In Croatia, when buying a property from a seller who is not a VAT payer, the state Real Estate Transfer/Purchase Tax of 3% of the price of the property (price excluding commission and fees) is payable.
This Property Acquisition Tax will be levied on you on the basis of a Call Notice from the local tax office. You can usually expect to receive a call for payment of the State Tax from one month, or it may take several months to 1 year from the date of the Application for Transfer of Property to the relevant office.
Important note: If you are buying a new property that is less than 2 years old (from the building permit) from a seller who is a VAT payer – the buyer does not pay the 3% Property Acquisition Tax. However, the property could not have been used for living and renting before the actual purchase! In this case, the tax is paid by the seller or the developer who is subject to VAT. This also applies to the purchase of land which has been granted planning permission and the seller is liable for VAT.
Acquisition tax is only payable once from the time of the call-off and you are not liable for such additional taxation in subsequent years.

3. Income tax on property on sale

If you own a property in Croatia for less than 3 years (calculated from the date on the Purchase Contract/Deed of Sale) and you decide to sell it, you are liable to pay 20% Income Tax on the difference between the purchase and sale price. If you decide to sell your property after 3 years of purchase – you do not pay Income Tax.

4. Annual Property Tax, charges on holiday properties

If you are a property owner with permanent residence in Croatia, you are exempted from paying the so called Annual Property Tax, as we are used to here.
If you do not have permanent residence in Croatia as a property owner, you will pay once a year the so-called local holiday tax, which is determined by the local authority under which you fall. The fee varies depending on the area where the property is located, it is approximately from 3 to 7 EUR per m2 of usable area of your property.

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