• Croatia is a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches, historical monuments, nature and cultural experiences.
  • In addition, this country has many advantages and is undoubtedly one of the most attractive in terms of real estate investment.

One of the main advantages of investing in coastal real estate in Croatia is that the value of the property price, which is linked to the location, remains stable.
Zagreb +8.0%, Split +6.9%, Rijeka +6.4%

Prices in the capital Zagreb and in coastal locations grew the most before the introduction of the Euro as a currency in 3Q 2021 by an average of 17%. Property prices continue to maintain their growth. There is still more demand than supply and limited construction opportunities. Tourist rental income remains attractive.

More than 70,000 foreigners own property on the Adriatic coast. Only 3% of foreign buyers chose the city of Zagreb. The most popular locations for foreigners are Dubrovnik, Split, Opatija, Istria, the island of Hvar and the island of Brac.
The majority of foreign property buyers are: Germans, Austrians, British, Slovenes, Slovaks, Czechs, Dutch, Hungarians and Russians.

The main reason for the resilience of the real estate market in Croatia is the limited real estate supply, stability is also brought by the introduction of the Euro currency in 01/2023 and the entry into the Schengen area.
The interest from all over the world to visit Croatia and the annual increase in tourism also persists. People from Canada, USA, Switzerland and other countries are increasingly interested in Croatia. The Game of Thrones series has undoubtedly contributed to this, popularising various areas of Croatia, which now mainly benefit landlords. Off-season short-term rentals have also opened up.

The stable economy, high investor confidence, the annual investments the country makes in improving tourism and infrastructure are already bearing fruit in Croatia. Croatia is also striving to build a stable sustainable tourism industry in view of preserving its natural wealth so that the country can be the same for future generations as we are experiencing it today.

You can follow the development of real estate prices in Croatia quarterly here:

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