Sunny Beach is one of the most popular holiday resorts where you can enjoy great relaxation and spectacular sunsets…

Sunny Beach is located on the Black Sea coast near the ancient UNESCO World Heritage town of Nessebar.

It is only 30 km from Burgas International Airport and less than 100 km from Varna Airport. Thanks to the low-cost airlines Ryanair and Wizz air and their scheduled flights, its accessibility is very cost-effective and convenient.

There is a very easy and fast transport connection between the airport and the Sunny Beach resort by bus, taxi or you can use the transfer service of the hotel where you are staying.

Sunny Beach has for years maintained its position as the largest and most popular beach resort in Bulgaria, where tourists from all over Europe head every year during the summer. The resort is located in a picturesque and ecologically clean bay, which boasts the blue flag, which is a symbol of the purity of the sea. The wide sandy beaches with a gradual entrance to the sea are an ideal holiday destination for families with children and the elderly, but not only they will find their own here. Thousands of young people from all over the world visit the popular Cacao Beach every year, which is famous for its nightlife of discos and bars.

The excellent cuisine, rich in seafood specialities and Mediterranean flavours, is very affordable. Great food and spectacular sunsets can be enjoyed with a chilled glass of beer or local wine in stylish restaurants or bars.

The tourist season here runs from May to October. During the summer the sea temperature is around 26-28°C. The wide and fine sandy beaches are up to 6 km long.

Opportunities for walks of rediscovery can be found in the historic town of Nessebar, while quieter beaches and beautiful resorts will enchant you in the nearby resorts of Sveti Vlas and Elenite.

And if your feet are aching from so many walks – you can take advantage of the good bus connections, the small tourist train or the water taxi and let yourself be carried away by the holiday atmosphere.

Welcome to the Sunny Beach, enjoy and relax!

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