According to statistics from recent years, but also according to our real experience, the main foreign buyers of real estate in Bulgaria are citizens of various European Union countries, as well as residents of non-EU countries, currently mainly from Israel and Ukraine.

In the past, the largest foreign buyers of real estate in Bulgaria were mainly citizens of the Russian Federation. Given the current situation, they are now the biggest sellers of real estate. Their sales of real estate stem from the fear that they will be refused entry to the European Union. However, a large number of Russian citizens are still living there all year round because of the current situation in the country and because of the fear of war.

The biggest boom of buyers experienced residential real estate in Bulgaria in the years from 2021-2023 mainly from the Ukrainian side. For obvious reasons, Ukrainian citizens have sought refuge in a stable European country that has the lowest property prices.

Bulgaria’s continued popularity is registered among UK citizens, many of whom live here year-round. They form their communities here and have their favourite resorts.

There is also a big boom of buyers among the residents of Germany and Israel. In recent years, however, there has also been an increased interest from citizens of other countries, such as Belgians, Dutch, but also Czechs, Poles, Hungarians and Slovaks.

Anyone who has an apartment in Bulgaria will tell you that the regular air connections at any time of the year are fully booked with people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia who have been enjoying their property by the sea for years.

The real estate market here is dynamic and a good property offer does not heat up for long. There is a lot of interest from many countries.

Bulgaria is currently a popular destination for foreign investors looking for cheap property on the Black Sea coast with the prospect of price rises that could come with the adoption of the Euro currency.

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