Have you decided to make Bulgaria, Croatia or another country your second home abroad? Are you wondering if this country will be right for you and will also provide the requirements for your healthcare? We definitely recommend you prepare for it.


Before any trip abroad we recommend our clients to get insurance. We ourselves experienced this last year when we had to deal with acute health problems and thanks to the insurance we managed everything very well. For short stays abroad, it is also possible to take out the type of health insurance that your bank also provides if you have paid by credit card in that country – we recommend checking with your bank. Fortunately, we had this health insurance through our bank.


However, if you are considering a long-term stay of more than 3 months, you need to either have health insurance in that country, or take out health insurance abroad in our country and check that your policy includes cover for possible health risks in that particular country, for example Bulgaria. There are also a number of global insurance companies operating abroad within the EU that offer very good conditions for health insurance. So you can get insurance there too. In the case of elderly people, we also recommend having international health insurance, which is also used to transport the patient between countries.


Most people nowadays also have supplementary health insurance. Definitely your health should not be left to chance, because it never sleeps 😊

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